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It is hard to forget a dimmer whenever a switch is mentioned. Seen as an additional component to existing light switches, a dimmer allows users to make adjustments to the brightness of lighting by manual alteration.

Like light switches, dimmer switches also come in various styles and designs to blend into the decor of different homes and premises while satisfying the needs of users. First, there is the rocker style dimmer switch. With a white, sleek, and elongated body, the rocker-style dimmer switch looks like an extended version of the existing light switch, except that it is longer. One may not even notice that it is a dimmer switch if they do not pay close attention.residential Electricians

As a result, rocker style is often known for its close-match to normal rectangular home switch. Moreover, such a dimmer switch is also extremely durable, with a preset brightness level available, so that one can just turn on at ease, without worrying about the suitable brightness each time. However, it is because of such subtle change that it is hard for one to spot the change in brightness and the presence of a minute lever also makes it challenging for one to adjust to the level ideal for them.

Next, there is the slide style with the switch. It is relatively easier to use as compared to rocker style because of the tiny handle available for one to adjust the brightness accordingly. Once the handle is set at a position that users find appropriate, they can restore to the small switch above the handle to turn on and off the light. This is to ensure that the users are able to be at their preferred brightness every time they turn on the light. Unfortunately, this two-set design is not very well received.

Third, electronic dimmer. It is the smartest of all dimmer switches and popularly used in staircases whereby brightness at the top and bottom of the stairs can be adjusted at once since most electronic dimmers are able to have control points of a three-way circuit. As they are wireless, the electronic dimmer can be regulated via mobile phone or the internet. There is no need for users to be on-site to command it. Besides, the electronic dimmer is also capable of having fade on and fade off functions, to add tinges of drama to the existing lighting.

In summary, people choose to use a dimmer switch because it is energy-saving and cost-efficient. Making a room less bright will actually help users to save up to 90 percent of electric bills, as the amount of electricity is greatly reduced. With the existence of a dimmer, users can also have a greater say to enhance or minimize illumination in part of the premise. A dimmer will also lengthen the lifespan of the bulb, even if the lights are being dimmed at its minimum. Since they embed so many advantages, why not consider a change today?

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Centipedes – Pest Control


Centipedes are a group of are small, venomous species of bugs with a large number of legs, although they do not necessarily have 100 legs as their name implies. They are primarily nocturnal creatures who use a venom-filled fang-like structure to paralyze and eat other insects or worms. This can be a curse or a blessing to humans depending on the circumstances.pest control

When centipedes kill undesirable visitors like cockroaches or flies, they are a good problem to have. Nevertheless, larger centipedes can use their venom to sting humans. The sting is kind of like the sting of a bee. It is painful, and for a few people it can cause a severe reaction, but it would be extremely rare for a centipede bite to be fatal. Even so, if they sting us they become the enemy.

In any case, you might be willing to accept a small number of centipedes as a means of natural pest control. You don’t want to have too many of them in the house or even in the yard. If the centipede population gets out of hand, you will have to take action.

Most of the time, pest control service methods directly target the invaders. This is the case with pests such as termites and roaches. However, some experts recommend taking a different approach to managing an infestation of centipedes.

If the problem is centipedes pest control should focus on what is attracting them and allowing them to thrive. So instead of targeting the centipedes themselves, the best centipedes pest control is to create a less favorable environment for them. The primary method for doing this is to eliminate their food sources. Minimize dark, damp areas as much as possible because those attract roaches, which in turn attract centipedes.

If there is not a good population of other insects, they will either starve to death or move out on their own and seek greener pastures. It also helps to keep the ground dry near the house, as most centipede species are attracted to the moisture and like to lay their eggs in wet soil.

Sealing entry routes such as garage doors or windows that do not quite close can help keep the centipede population down. Additional preventative measures include keeping organic materials away from the house will also help you avoid attracting centipedes. In other words, the best centipedes pest control is prevention rather than treatment. A small portion of centipedes pest control might involve sticky traps. Using these traps would help identify entry points and centipede population levels, which would be helpful in developing the appropriate strategy.

Directly targeting centipedes with do it yourself methods like foggers, baits, or boric acid is not recommended. These methods are less effective with centipedes than with some of the other pests. They also come with drawbacks, such as foggers being harmful to the legitimate inhabitants of the home. If a centipede problem is serious enough to require intervention, and simply eliminating favorable environmental factors is not enough, the best thing to do is call a professional service.

Tips on Cleaning Metal Surfaces

When we clean our home we have many things to take care of – dishes, surfaces, the oven and so on. One thing we can really find daunting is cleaning metal pans and other surfaces from buildup or tarnish. These can be very annoying to deal with as most of the stains are very resistant to most of what we use to clean. Here we have a few tips which will help you deal with these a little easier next time you do your cleaning routine:

1. Copper-bottomed pans and pots
Tarnish can appear on those as a result of water stains and a number of other reasons. Have no fear though, it can be easily remedied by using the correct cleaning technique. Just turn the pan upside-down and pour some white vinegar on the surface, sprinkle some salt on that and scrub away with a paper towel or a soft cloth. If it doesn’t work the first time around try again until all traces of the spots are gone.residential cleaning services

2. Cleaning copper and brass
You might have a lot of copper or brass trinkets and things like handles for example which give your kitchen a nice old-time feeling to it with their wonderful, warm colors. Those can get dirty as well and the only way for them to regain their shine is to clean them up using the right products. This can be done easily by cutting up a lemon in half and using said half with a bit of salt sprinkled on. Just rub the affected surface and lo and behold the brass and copper will shine like new again in no time.

3. Cleaning silver items
Most often these are silver candlesticks and we all know how much fun it is to have those around the house if the reason for that is romantic dinners or simply the more practical need in case you’re having power failures. Regardless these often get enough patina and grime on them in time that dulls their shine. Wax drippings can also be a real bane to their looks, but fear not – you can easily rid them of that by placing them in the freezer. The cold will make the wax brittle and weak and you’ll be able to quickly break it off. Apart from commercial silver cleaners you can use white toothpaste or baking soda to clean the grime off silver services

4. Metal faucets
If you see caulk buildup around the faucets know that you can rid yourself of them by simply using lemon juice to dissolve the annoying rings forming around them. Much like using it with copper and brass you can do the same with half a lemon – just rub the surface until the acid dissolves the buildup.

5. Cleaning up rust
Some instruments or places get rusty as a result of moisture and so on, so in these cases there are some simple steps one can take:

• Scrub off the rust by using a scrubbing pad or some steel wool.
• Use some rust remover with a steel wool pad and rub it into the surface.
• Leave it on there for up to 20 minutes depending on the damage.
• Wipe it off with paper towels or a soft cloth.
• Apply a rust-proof coating – some can be water-resistant and capable of protecting even against heavy moisture.
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